Polycom 650 firmware needs updated

How do we update the firmware that is provided in the distro (3.211.63-7) for polycom (or any other) phones. Polycom said to fix a memory leak issue we need to upgrade to UCS 4.0.3 Ref F.
(case VOIP-77287)

The easiest way that I have found to do it is to setup a TFTP server with their firmware loaded on it, and interrupt the boot cycle of the phone to point it to the TFTP server as it’s provisioning server. It will load, contact the TFTP server, load the firmware, reboot a couple of times and be done.

To interrupt the boot cycle, press MENU during the initial boot of the phone, then navigate through the menu to specify SERVER > PROVISIONING SERVER > TFTP > Specify IP address, etc.

You will need the updater and the ‘combined’ UC software for this to work properly. Unzip them both to the root of your TFTP server.

Brian DeVault

Are you using the OSS End Point Manager to configure the phones?

Yes I am.

I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with EPM. It’s impossible to add new brands. Provisioner.net doesn’t work and there are no docs. There appears to be no way to update firmware if you use EPM. You’re at the mercy of the dev’s to update this stuff and I doubt it is a priority. Is there a better way to provision the phones than to use EPM?