Polycom 501

I have a FreePBX system running with Asterisk I am attaching 2 models of Polycom phones; the 501 and the 331. My 331’s configured quick and easy, with very few to no problems.

the 501’s actually don’t work. they connect to the tftp server and download or append phone software. it just seems the extension cannot be linked between the phone device, and the pbx system.

anyone had an issue like this?

The Polycom 501’s are very old. You have to have different sip.ld and config file for them.

It’s a pain to mix old and new Polycom’s. It can be done but you have to be very careful and have 2 sets of config files.

I use sip_500.cfg and sip_600.cfg in my mixed deployments.

yup, using sip_501.cfg and sip_331.cfg for the two models of device. the systems download the files, 331 uploads and connects; functioning perfectly. the 501 connect to the tftp server, downloads and updates the device, but when the 501 device comes up it doesn’t register to the pbx system.

Endpoint Manager does all of this for you.

And more.

I didn’t know that!