Polycom 501 Call getting Disconnected when the second call comes in


We have asterisk box in place and we have configured Polycom SoundPoint 501 and GrandStream Phones for VOIP extensions.

When a second calls comes in on SoundPoint 501, the active call also getting disconnected before we press “Hold”. Is there any additional/Specific configuration that we need to do for SoundPoint501 models? This issue does not arise on GrandStream Phones.

Have you ever encountered this issue? Could anyone help to resolve this issue?

Thanks inadvance

Sounds like an auto-answer feature getting in your way.

I have come across this also. The call is not actually dropped, but sometimes the person will hang up. The only way I have found to correct this is to limit the calls per line to 1.

reg.1.callsPerLineKey="" (set this to one)

This will disable multiple calls on the same line.
The 501’s are end of life, so don’t expect a fix for this bug.

I am having the same issue with the 430 models. I have the phones configured for two lines. If a second call comes in the call you are on goes ‘dead’. We have found out though if you stay long enough on the phone it comes back. All the customer said was “that was interesting” :slight_smile: Must be a polycom setting somewhere. Any one have any idea’s?