Polycom 410 - 6 Account Limit

I’m trying to setup 13 lines on my Polycom VVX410 using Endpoint Manager (Latest Version). I get the first 6, but am unable to add any further. I thought I figured a way around it using the export/import functions, but no go. The phone is capable of 34 Lines.

How to I get more lines to get configured?

Doesn’t that phone use a 14-line sidecar (or two, in your case), or am I thinking of a different phone?

these are 12 line/speed dial phones. are you using a sidecar?

Not at the moment, but will be adding on. The problem isn’t so much with the Phone. I can manually (via Phone Web GUI) add more, but the defeats the purpose of having the EndPoint Manager - limits me to 6 lines. I think it’s just a config error on the part of Sangoma/Shmooze/ whoever

It has a 28 or 72 line sidecar. The 14 is for the Soundpoint 650/670

i must be missing something. i just checked our EPM and it shows 12 lines for the vvx410. when you add side cars, you configure them using the epm as well.

Well, just for kicks, I just updated the EPM as well as the rest of the system. The dropdown box only shows me Account 1 - 6. Since I’ve imported the config via CSV, It also show Account 9 in the specific case that I opened, but won’t be able to do it with the GUI. And as mentioned previously, the provisioning files only show the first 6 accounts.

I’ve checked that I actually am using the right phone and sidecar. I am.

Also, as mentioned, I should be able to but 36 accounts on this phone, not just 6 or 12.

We only support 6 lines on any phone. We drew the line at that number as why woudl anyone have more then 6 different extensions on the same phone. That is just crazy and this is a PBX so why would that phone have more then even 2 different extensions on the same phone.

The reason is simple. This phone is for a virtual receptionist who answers calls for a number of agents. When answering the call, she need to know who’s line is ringing, so one Line button (apperance) for each agent. more importantly for making calls on behalf of the agent using the correct callerid.

Can you think of a different way?

And on a side note, tonyclewis,I tried replying to the email I recieved with you last comment but it was retruned as undeliverable. The email says I can “reply to this email to respond”. Me thinks you have an issue.

You can not reply to forum post from email This is correct. You have to post in the forums only

OK wel EPM is not setup for this and limits at 6 different extensions.

But no technical reason? It’s simply because you figured that 6 was enough? Although I can understand that, I would think that the limit would be what ever the phone can handle.

why don’t you simply either append something to the caller id to show the receptionist which line is calling or use queues with the whisper function?

I ended up doing this a completly different way, but it still sucks that an arbitrary limit is imposed on us. The limit should be that of the phone itself.