Polycom 331, FreePBX 2.10, and intercom

I’ve read several threads about this, and none of them seem to be up to date for this problem in a current install of FreePBX 2.10 with the latest firmware from the EndPoint Manager project (4.0.1).

Basically, the phones do not page or intercom correctly. When I call a paging group or a specific phone, they simply ring a few times and then go to a busy signal, instead of picking up on speakerphone.

This was working in my previous 2.9 install with 3.x firmware. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Can anyone give me help with this problem? It is a fairly common phone and the latest release of FreePBX. I can’t imagine I am the only one who has run into this issue.

There are several threads on this. It appears the Intercom feature is not enabled on the Polycom by default. You need to add a setting to the endpoint manager.

All of the threads I can find are for 2.9w/ 3.3 firmware. I had no problem with this in 2.9. The lines of code in those threads that they refer to are not present in 2.10, or with the 4.x firmware, so I am hoping someone has tackled this problem recently.

To respond to my own thread, I found the solution. Simply goto the Ednpoint manager, and edit your template you use for your Polycom phones, and add the lines outlined in this post.

Apparently this is fixed in the 4.0.2b firmware, and this fix is already present in the newer firmware, but if you use the Endpoitn Manager in 2.10 you will get the 4.0.1 firmware.