Poloycom VVX410

I have a PBXAct system up and running and have some Polycom phones I would like to use.
I had success provisioning an IP6700 phone, but have had no luck with VVX410 or VVX310.

The phones will pull an IP address, but the lines won’t register. I have tried everything I can think of and use this reference.

I’ve tried loading the info by web and by phone no luck. Any help would be great.

Does that last line mean that even configuring the phone manually via the phone’s web interface does not work?
That should mean the problem is not the EPM. I would look at the Polycom’s logs and also do a packet capture on the PBX to see what traffic is making it from the PBX (assuming you are not seeing registration failures from the phone on the pbx…)

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