Poll: FreePBX Phone Apps - What brand should we add next?

Now that FreePBX Phone Apps have been released for a few months we want to start a discussion on what brand devices we should look at adding next.

Currently we support the Aastra, Digium and Yealink phones but with the current fiasco of issues we are seeing on Yealink phones with XML and their lack of involvement in FreePBX we may not be supporting them officially much longer.

Please vote for your option below and feel free to provide comments in this thread on why you voted they way you have. Some of the phones listed below may have very minimal support for apps on their devices.

  • Cisco Small Business
  • Polycom
  • SNOM
  • Grandstream
  • Other
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in FreePbx 12 with the End Point Manager module Mitel phones work great now and the sound quality on them is superb.

My vote is for Polycom. I have several clients that run Polycom phones that would definitely purchase the Phone Apps if Polycom was supported.

Well, I vote for Grandstream since that’s what I use. Their GXP2140 and GXP2160 phones are pretty good.

I notice this is a old post, but I vote Grandstream.

I would really like to see the Yelling phones sorted out, I know the push back is coming from Yealink but they are great, affordable phones with feature sets that I need. I hope that a resolution can be found.

Have you tried the latest firmware from them. We have been told they resolved most the issues and from our testing they seem to be working well.

It’s still a little buggy on the T46s (unable to exit the apps), the T42s seem to work well so far.

I vote Polycom. Most of my clients I’ve pushed to either Mitel/Aastra phones or Polycom. So far the Phone Apps on Mitel/Aastra phones are awesome, in general I’ve really liked the way these phones have worked with FreePBX. Polycom phones also seem to offer similar feature rich customization, and my clients recognize Polycom as a brand leader in telephony.

Yes, please sort it out with Yealink. They got very decent phones. And with their current pricing I expect a lot people buying them in the future.

Speaking on behalf of Tony but we have already come to an agreement with Yealink :slight_smile:

More Importably its up to yealink to get their firmware updated for all their phones. I know some phones they have and others have not. You need to reach out to them and ask them to get the firmware for all phones updated to work like it does on the T42

That’s fine and everything, but it might be better coming from the fpbx devs because on a T38 I believe, the firmware from commercial EPM is a slightly higher Rev than what is publicly available from yealink.

We have told them. They know all this but they need to hear from the people buying their product.

My point is that if FPBX has access to firmware builds that the general public doesn’t, there is probably more influence there. When an end user complains about a bug or feature it has to be vetted based on the users environment and their use case, current Fw versions, etc. If it comes from devs that have done all this, it should carry more credibility. As a reseller, for the record, I have talked to yealink via conference call and posted stuff in their forums, but with all due respect, there is also some language barrier to contend with at times as well. Typically, it doesn’t move the needle a whole lot. It also seems like 3CX has cozied up to YL moreso than any players in the asterisk community so I’m sure there is more to this than people needing to ask them to do this.

Well thank you for your input but again its outside our control. We have brought things up and its all upto Yealink and the people who spend money with them they will listen to. As far as firmware we get it right from their site. Nothing special.

Ok, thanks for clarifying and will continue to remind yealink what an important player asterisk/freepbx is in the market for their endpoints. The firmware issue I referred to however is that for a T28 the Fpbx EPM firmware is, but the latest version yealink had available for DL directly from their site as of yesterday was

Would really like to see Grandstream support.

I definitely vote for Grandstream, they’re 2160s are an amazing device re the features/cost My customers want physical buttons they do not want to have to page through multiple screens of dynamic buttons.

  1. Polycom
  2. Grandstream