Pointing google voice at my sipstation DID

So I’ve got the above working. my google voice number rings my sipstation DID and it comes through just fine.

It appears that if I answer one call like this that another incoming call isn’t let through.

Is that what you guys expected? Is there a way to make one google voice number to feed into a multi-channel sip trunk?

Google voice has its own number, all you did was forward calls from Google Voice to your other DID.

Google Voice is supposed to use Google Talk, that way jabber and associated add on’s make it call direct to your server. I used to use it, but could never get a successful outbound call to work.

I’m not sure I understand you’re comment. I’m not using any crazy protocol, I’m just using it to direct incoming calls to my DID which works except for multiple calls at the same time even though my DID accepts multiple calls since it’s a 2-channel trunk.

My question simply is can google voice direct multiple incoming calls to the same DID and not just one at a time…

No in it won’t do what you want, it is largely free, at least in the US, but they are not stupid :wink:


Was the link you supplied supposed to substantiate your answer? When I click it, I don’t see anything there that does. Perhaps the whole link didn’t get pasted?

No it was all there, you just didn’t read or understand it fully

" . . .we’ll recognize it and use call waiting to reach you on the phone you’re on. . . "

Ah. You’re saying their call waiting will get in the way of multiple incoming calls. Gotcha.

What’s weird is that it sometimes seems to work or maybe I’m crazy. I dunno.

What THEY are saying is that the second call will be presented inband to the currently connected call to the GV number. They will NOT represent another inbound call to you if you have an active call, it is that easy.

(This is why I say that they are “not stupid”. Even for google, access to PSTN costs per call, yes they pay a fraction of a cent, but it is not in their interest to fund your “enterprise” of more than one for free. I can but ask you, “would you do that for your ‘clients’ ?” if you say anything else but “of course not” then you would loose your pants. Please get real!! )

My comments were, using Google Voice as a DID of sort of DID would free up your other did, leaving it open for other inbound calls. i presumed that was what you was trying to do, but I guess if you just forwarded the calls to your PBX, you have what you have.

wrong, if GV is taking a call, GV will also handle all further calls to that GV number, as I said before they are not stupid and have no desire to enable you to take advantage of their current “freely given” services, in effect a ‘single point of contact’. (my mind boggles at the concept of entitlement folks seem to have around here, you will always get less than what you thought you paid for, that’s just economics, think about it , compound that with the fact that you paid nothing and . . . :wink: )

If you have a service that provides more than one inbound path, then there is no problem, GV takes one, the next call takes anothre, GV will never take two.

What? Google voice if set up correctly to a PBX will channel through Jabber and associated modules. What this guy has done is forward Google voice to his DID number. How was I wrong in stating anything about this topic?

Google voice is incapable of channeling more than one call at a time to any other DID due to the restrictions as you mention.

You can Refrain from using your comments to belittle people, we are all here trying to help. That is what I am doing, just because you did not pick up on what I am explaining to the OP, does not give you the right to flame me, or anyone else on here.

I was not replying to you, I was replying to the OP when he made the comment in Post #3.

You post in a public forum, expect public responses, I apologize for pissing you off, but it’s just the way it works. If you can tell the OP how to do what can’t be done, please do so.

But seriously and not wanting to flame you

“. . . Google Voice is supposed to use Google Talk, that way jabber and associated add on’s make it call direct to your server… . . .”

and further

" . . . Google voice if set up correctly to a PBX will channel through Jabber and associated modules. . .

Is just plain jibberish , no ?

Had you said otherwise than ". . . I used to use it, but could never get a successful outbound call to work. . . "

Perhaps you could re post your concepts with a little more lucidity.

Well said deanot,

At no time did I say Google Voice was a bad deal or anything. I was just asking what was possible. Dicko went way off the deep end thinking I was complaining or thought things were unfair.

Kind of interesting response really. I did appreciate his response in that it did answer my question. All the rest he decided to add, well, he’s got issues and I’m not interested in pursuing that part of his psyche.

You asked a question, I responded, I abhor incorrect advice and will point it out when I notice it. please feel free to accept the lesser and incomplete answer if that suits you. Please feel also free to ignore the inconvenient truths you might run into here, just ignore them and they might go away. :slight_smile:

I am not arguing, pretty obvious you have some issue of your own to deal with Mr Dicko, very fitting username by the way.

Anyway, @ fizgig10, I am not sure why you are pointing your Google Voice number to another DID number, the only reason I can see is you’re trying to mask your real number to maybe avoid telemarketers in the future?

Without sounding out of place, and also not saying what you are doing is wrong, but most use google voice to use for local and long distance calling, and to of course have another call channel into your PBX.

If you are interested in setting up just for an inbound channel, it can be done, somewhat complex too, but there is a module that you can upload to your PBX to allow all this to happen.

Could you maybe explain what you’re hoping to get out of this and maybe I can assist you further. I have set up Google Voice a couple of times but always had issues with the outbound calls failing.

DICKO is the very reason people stop providing help on forums like these, I can’t stand trolls and I can’t stand people that think they know everything about nothing.

Back on subject.

In short, Google voice is temperamental at best, some have had luck with it and a lot of people have not… That includes me.

res_jabber is one of the modules that needs installing, chan_gtalk is the other and some setup information that requires editing some files. It is complex if you’re new to freepbx and editing of files, but if you’re interested on how to do it… check this out. http://www.personal.psu.edu/wcs131/blogs/psuvoip/2010/11/adding_google_voice_to_freepbx.html
There is also an upload you can add to your pbx, does most of this for you, and I have that upload on one of my network drives somewhere. Again, that upload did not work out to well either, mainly due to Google changing the way Google voice works.

I hope this was of some help, I DO NOT provide incorrect information either… If I do not know, I research or I do not answer.


Regarding Dicko, I subscribe to the “don’t feed the trolls” school of thought. I find it works well.

Anyway, the story is that before I started using asterisk I had set my father up with a google voice number for his business. We ported his old number to it and it worked fine for his needs.

He later asked for things the made me think asterisk would be a good idea (auto attendent, multiple mailboxes, other things). I installed freepbx with some random DID I got from sipstation and pointed the google voice number at the DID.

That worked fine for many months (with the occasional sipstation downtime that is…). Anyhow, I’m starting to work for him more and more so we added an extension for me and another channel on the sip trunk to allow multiple simultaneous conversations. Trouble is, we noticed it didn’t always seem to be utilized which made me suspect Google Voice was the issue. This thread appears to confirm that.

I’ve now requested to port the phone number from Google Voice to the sip trunk so we can handle call waiting and the like internally. I am kind of sad as Google Voice was a sort of backup as when sipstation went offline, at least Google Voice would eventually pick up the phone call when freepbx wasn’t answering serving as a backup. Now we’re committing whole hog…

From a purported troll.

Pretty well GV limped badly on asterisk 1.8, stopped working in 1.10, and has a new way of doing things in asterisk 11

Google Voice is not dependent on Google Talk and never has been, further Google has pretty well killed Google Talk and moved it to Google+.

res_jabber is deprecated by Asterisk and is replaced by res_xmpp, as is chan_gtalk and chan_jingle which are both replaced by chan_motif.

These changes made precisely because of " . . .but always had issues with the outbound calls failing. . . " and because “. . . due to Google changing the way Google voice works . . .” and other inelegances.

With a little research one will come upon , from Digium’s own mouth :-


note particularly :-

Calling using Google Voice or via the Google Talk web client requires the use of Asterisk 11.0 or greater. Older versions of Asterisk will not work.

But feel free to keep on pounding your square peg into that round hole of yours, I will "troll off " now as one who actually has working GV systems, both in and out unlike didnot… , good luck to you both.