PMS Integration Solutions


We have a client with a few hotels in Turkey. It wants to integrate its PBX system with PMS applications such as Opera/Fidelio. Yeastar and FreePBX servers are available, which is an Asterisk-based system. What are the companies that we can get a paid application or support to integrate these systems?

I found, char utile h+ and EasyLynq companies, but very expensive. Do you have another suggestions?

There are paid commercial FreePBX modules for Property Management and Opera integration.
Sangoma Property Management (SPM) - PBX GUI - Documentation
Oracle Connector Addon - PBX GUI - Documentation

thanks for the reply.
what about other Asterisk-based PBX solutions? Can you suggest me another solution? We don’t have Sangoma distributor in Turkey.

Licenses can be purchased direct from sangoma without a distributor

This is not something you’re likely to find with low/no cost. It’s a significant investment to get certified with Oracle.

You are absolutely right. I didn’t think so.
Frankly, I thought of it as software that a software company could develop without the need to cooperate with Oracle.
Thank you for your ideas.

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