Pm2 won't upgrade

I have a FreePBX 13 system that just won’t update pm2. I access the update via the CLI and it had me look in the install logs. There I found the following warning

npm ERR! fetch failed

The IT guy said he can see traffic going to the mirror1 site but there is no reply coming back. any ideas?

Try changing module admin to use wget in advanced settings.

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Don’t change that setting as it won’t matter in this case (Also that setting is removed in 15)

Thought it had trouble getting the file, since I can download it with any browser.

Curious why? From all the PBX servers we manage, we have one PBX that wouldn’t update unless I changed it to wget. Is it harming something?

Turns out the system was already in wget. Great idea though, I hadn’t thought about that. I set it to no and I’m still getting the error. Just for pm2 though, very odd

npm ERR! fetch failed

As said previously. It doesn’t matter if wget is enabled for that or not because npm is doing the downloading not freepbx.

Your system or firewall is blocking the download from the mirror server.

Because it’s unmaintainable. So it was removed.

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