PM2 not in RC 1 SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1703-1

Not sure if this was intentional or not, but after install of RC 1 SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1703-1 i noticed that “pm2” wasn’t installed and it needed to be installed manually.

Also noticed that the i needed to manually bring up the eth0 and had no connections even though the install used WAN to perform the needed updates during the install.

Is there a reason to not install “pm2” ?

Because nothing in SNG7 uses it. Furthermore, modules are not updated post install. They are the same modules we released when the distro was last released which is March 17

fyi, last week, 2 modules had updates, but would not update because i did not have pm2 installed. (i am running rc1.8) after seeing this post

I followed the directions to manually install pm2 and then the modules updated fine. so, i don’t understand your statement that modules are not updated post install or that sng7 does not use pm2. maybe sng7 core does not, but 2 modules do. (sorry, i cannot remember which 2)

Ok. Thanks for the information.

Maybe XMPP and phoneapps which seem to get installed by default. I received a whoops error when updating all modules until I installed PM2. Can’t remember the exact error…sorry.

It was only phoneapps and vqplus. XMPP, UCPNODE and ZULU all haven’t been updated (except I just updated xmpp an hour ago)

yes, phoneapps was definitely one of the 2 I had a problem with.

Thank you TONYG for the follow up, I have been preoccupied with some other issues trying to simply move the existing deployment to a new vlan…(losing the activation and license file goes missing - restored from VM snapshot)

Thanks - those would have been my same comments.