Pls explain how Day/Night Mode Association in TC works

I’ve read the Time Grps & Time Conditions article in the technical corner but I dont think I truly understand how it works still!

Can someone pls explain :

  • how the Day/Night Mode Association in Time Conditions works? Is it just a toggle for the Time Condition? Or does it toggle the Day/Night mode as set up?
  • And whats the difference when I set to Force Day vs Force Night?

I want to be able to override my regular TC and ring to my cellphone after hours. I’ve created the following :
Time Cond :

  • Regular hours, Ring Grp 200
  • After hours, goto VM

Day/night :

  • Day - Ring Grp 200
  • Night - Misc Dest call my cellphone

When I associate to Force Day, and I enable “Day” mode, the calls go to Ring Grp 200. When I disable “Day” mode, calls go to VM instead of going to Misc Dest to call my cellphone that was set up under Night in the Day/Night control. Same thing happens when I associate to Force Night. So, how is this supposed to work? Thanks much.

make sure you are mapping things properly.
I always have incoming calls start with the day/night. Which drops down to the time conditions then to ring groups or IVR.
That way if someone uses the day/night toggle it supercedes everything.

Here is one case:
Day mode drops to time conditions (autoset for workhours)… which drop to a ring group… then to an IVR if not answered.
Night mode goes to a nightime IVR…

I prefer to use time conditions rather than day/night if possible. Nobody ever forgets to set it or take it off :wink: But I always leave it as an optional item if needed.