Plesk & FreePBX - How do i get to the GUI?


I am using Plesk 11.0.9 (so if you go to the ip address is loads the standard plesk default page).

I am running a VPS (Centos 6)

I have successfully installed Asterisk and it is running (i think it is - asterisk is showing as running, but not amportal?)

I have succesfully downloaded via wget the free pbx, and have installed apart from a few php warnings on install.

However how do i now view the gui? Obviously all the main ip addresses just forwarded to our websites on plesk / or the plesk default page.

Help please!

If you google for change “Apache server port” or “change apache server port in plesk” you should find some examples. You may need to create a virtual host in Apache and map your FreePBX or Plesk interface to that virtual host. I’ve not used Plesk so your results may vary but this should give you a direction to start looking for a solution if one exist.

Thanks for your reply - if i change the apache server port all the sites go offline… so i will work out how to setup a virtual host…

Any luck so far?