PLEASE TEST: Some IVR Proposed Enhancements

The current IVR automatically sets up a ‘t’ (timeout) and ‘i’ (invalid extension) option if you do not set one up explicitly. The default behavior is to loop 2 additional times through the IVR and then hangup. It is possible to explicitly set your own ‘i’ and ‘t’ options, but the limitation has always been that when doing such, you no longer have an option to loop back through the IVR a few times before going to the specified ‘i’ or ‘t’ destination.

I have made some changes that I would like tested that give you improved functionality wrt to these options. For starters, you can now define the number of loops, even if using it in the default hangup mode.

More importantly, you can now define ‘i’ or ‘t’ options but have the IVR first loop back to the beginning for the designated number of loops prior to going to the ‘i’ or ‘t’ option. This is optional for each and controlled by a check box. The default behavior for everything remains as it always was.

I would like to see some testing of this, you can find the tarball on #2858 which can be uploaded through the Module Admin file upload option.

If I get good feedback on this, I will break the normal rule of no new features in the current release, since I have always considered this one of those grey areas somewhere between missing functionality and a bug.

So go ahead and take a look at #2858 and comment there if it looks good and you think I should be putting this into the Online Module Repository.



I have it loaded and will advise you of any issues.

It seems to work fine. the i does play invalid option and restarts the announcement.