Please someone help me!

I cannot access my recordings panel to retrieve any voicemail/recordings.When i click on the tab it goes to a blank screen.
I cannot access voicemail from *98 *97
*98 and *97 hasn’t worked from the start. tried to fix this problem by updating and thats when i lost the use of the recordings panel.
this is a business line and it is really messing withme.
tried to have calls forwarded to my cell but that also does not work. The call forwards and rings the phone but you can,t hear each other.
please someone help!

Thank you: using the tail I’ve found that the pbx is sending email using a sender address different from the one used before the freepbx update, so that our antispam is rejecting email.
Then problem is that the sender address is not the one defined in “voicemail->setting->servermail”. Where may I set the right value?


In the /var/log directory sits the maillog… I’ll bet reading it will provide clues as to the cause. Also, in a shell issue “tail -f /var/log/maillog” while leaving a voicemail and see it live.

my version is pbx 2.9 and the problem happened after upgrade to 2.8.
my asterisk version is
thanks for any help.

Upgrading to asterisk 1.8 and installing ARI module solved the web interface access.

Still asterisk doesn’t forward messages via email, as with the last version.

same problem!

freepbx 2.9 last RC updated today

problem started after upgrade 2.8

advantageautogreer, you did not mention a) what kind of system this is, i.e. hand built, ISO built, hosted ?

And b) the version of Asterisk and FreePBX is kinda important as well…

Otherwise, your plea may well go unanswered.