PLEASE I have DNS problem connecting 2 SIPs

Hello Everyone,

i’m using AsteriskNow 1.5 with GUI

I configured a trunk between 2 SIP servers. And I have also 2 softphones (X-lite) configured each one connected to a SIP server. The goal is to let userA call userB thriugh 2 SIP proxies.

userA: Connected to ServerA:

userB: Connected to ServerB:

I run Wirehark. Now, whenever I make a call from userA to userB, the call goes to serverA then serverB (everything seems perfect). After that serverB sends DNS query to the caller which is userA.

The user returns "port unreachble " to serverB.

I tried some solutions online which is to edit /etc/resolv.conf but did not work

Any help is appreciated

Since everything is on the same LAN, DNS should not be a player here. Any chance the you have STUN turned on, on the softphones? You would not need STUN in this scenario, nor would you need any NAT considerations.

John Thanks very much! I found the issue.