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How do you find basic help regarding pbx? I have never used pbx, and I am now using a system that someone else set up. I work in an environment where we absolutely need to receive incoming calls. Right now all incoming calls are ringing busy. I had tried to make changes to the destination of an extension and to a time condition.

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I am using a pbx system that someone else set up. I am unfamiliar with pbx. I changed a time condition, and now all incoming calls ring busy. Is there a way to recover a deleted time condition?

Not really, unless you did a backup before you started making changes.

You did back up your working config before you started making changes, right?

If not, you’ll have to undo whatever you did. Tell us more about what you did and we’ll try to help.

If this is time critical, you might want to consider biting the bullet and letting the Sangoma folks fix this. It might take us all afternoon to figure out what you did and how to fix it.

Changing the destination of the extensions on the IVR should not have created the problem. I think it was when I was trying to change our weekend business hours. I was trying to take off Saturday and Sunday from the Time Condition. I did not realize I was deleting the Time Condition the previous person (who was running the system) had created.

Unfortunately I work at a non-profit equine therapy program, and we do not have money to spend on my foolish mistake. So right now our clients and volunteers are unable to call into our barn.

Thank you for trying to help.

Where do I find the day/night control for time conditions?