Please help!

Hi there,

I’m new to Linux and freepbx but I interested to learn, I manage to installed freepbx and create sip extension, but I have no idea where to configure email for voicemail and notification, below is my freepbx informations.

Your Linux Distribution: (Redhat CentOS release 5.8 (Final))
Your FreePBX version: (2.10.1)

Your help would be highly appreciated…

If you’ve got FreePBX then you will be able to enter e-mail address details for voicemail on a per extension basis. Is your question related to how to setup an e-mail server on the CentOS box or do you need to relay using a different e-mail server or e-mail account?

Over to the right is a link called documentation. There is a getting started guide.

I trying to configure my gmail SMTP on postfix so it can send voicemail to inbox.
I manage to find some guide from this forum on how to configure this…

Thanks allot for fast reply Lee Manson : ) cheers…

Where i can change voicemail email screen name?
From Asterisk PBX to my name, now i receive as this:-

Asterisk PBX [email protected]

Please advice…

Do you have any idea how demanding and rude you are? Is it because English is not your first language.

Consult the documentation and ask complete questions. Use a subject that has something to do with the question.

In the Christmas spirit I suggest you look in the voicemail admin module.

The next time you post in any public form I suggest you read some existing threads and understand how the community works.