Please help, trying to silence the ringtone the customer hears

Hi, im pretty new to all of this. I am using a .call file to call the customer 1st, then my extension. When the customer answers, my extension picks up (softphone on auto answer)… So when the customer picks up the phone, they here a ringtone like they are calling someone. Is there any way to silence that ringtone? Im okay with the short delay from the time the customer answers the phone, to the time my extension answers. I should basically miss the customer saying hello, say hello myself, and the customer has no idea that i didn’t dial their # myself. Thanks a bunch if anybody can help me out :slight_smile:

Hi, still trying to figure this one out, any help would really be appreciated. To reword my problem. Im using a .call file to initiate a call. It dials my customers #, when they answer, the call goes to my extension (soft phone on auto answer). There is a short delay between the time the customer picks up the phone and the time i can say hello from my extension, but the delay is only about the time it takes the customer to say hello so thats not a problem. My problem is that during that delay the customer hears a ring, which sometimes confuses them, and also gives away the illusion that i dialed their number myself and takes away the personal touch. Is there any way to silence that one ring the customer hears. If you can even point me in the right direction i would be happy, thx.

I don’t think you will get an answer because your question is not about a FreePBX setting.

If you need to see what’s going on I suggest that you do turn up the verbose and debug level in Asterisk to 5 and watch what happens.

Sorry, but I can’t offer more help about this.

As Mikael said this is not a FreePBX question however I will toss you a bone.

You can set the context in the call file. You can then create a custom context that uses Asterisk dial options to control the ringback behavior.

Sorry for the inappropriate post, but thank you for pointing me in the right direction, i do appreciate it.