Please help polycom

Hello all, I have no idea what I have done, I rebuilt the phone system , changed the network ip address , rebuilt the server, everything running right , use the endpoint configuration util it sees the phones but the phones, but wont boot phone ,

Polycom 550 and 650

even did a hard reset *,4,6,8

Phone flashes reboot but just cant see phone system,

Question begs, why are you working on Christmas :frowning:

Luckily I am playing with my wife’s new iPad.

Anyway, you really did not tell us anything that we can use to help you.

Are you using the endpoint manager? Did you regenerate the configs? Did you check the config files to make sure they had the right IP? Are the phones getting a DHCP address? Can you ping the phones from the new server?

Merry Christmas.

Yes , I am using endpoint manager, I can ping the phones from the server.
the phones are building a cgc, with right address, and I can ping the phones from the new server.

Starting to feel like I am missing something simple, shouldnt take 9 hours to make these phones work. Sorry for taking so long to respond, but needed sleep

1 - I don’t know what a cgc is
2 - You did not answer all of my questions

How did you install this system? Can you turn on tftp logging and make sure the phones are grabbing the configs.

Have you verified the telehone configuration files contain the new IP?