PLEASE HELP! - no IP Address

Installed Freepbx however at the end of installation it only gave me a MAC address not an IP address so I cannot get into the GUI… I don’t know what to do next, tried to uninstall and cannot - what do I do next Im stuck!

Log into your router and look for DHCP allocation.

Thank you for the reply - however the HP PC that I installed FreePbx on is not located on the router. Its odd it was there before the install and after the install no longer.

So how can it get an IP address?

When you install FreePbx is installed as DHCP if the network cable was not plugged when it booted up you wont have ip try this.

Connect a monitor and keybord login to CLI run
#Ip addr
if you dont see any ip try to restart netwrok services
#service network restart

Make sure your router release DHCP

Thank you

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