Please help me get Cisco 7960 phones working

I have a server running the FreePBX Distro. I have set up End Point Configuration Manager and downloaded the firmware for the 7960. I have added the 150 option to my DHCP server (Windows Server 2008 R2) to specify the TFTP server address (my FreePBX server IP).

All devices are local and on the same network/subnet.

When I power on the phones one of them says TFTP file not found. The other one says Phone Unprovisioned.

When I search for new devices in End Point Configuration Manager it says no devices found.

I have no idea of the specific firmware version on the phones, I bought two refurbished ones that were supposed to have SIP firmware on them.

Any help anyone can provide to help me figure out the issues I am having would be greatly appreciated.


Try looking at the logs in
/var/log/tftpd (or tftp)

See if it is trying to use your TFTP server or not.

And see what files it is asking for that’s not there

Try option 66 rather than 150 to specify the TFTP server. I don’t know too much about these phones other than they seem considerably more painful to configure that most but give that a go.