Please help. how to upgrade freepbx ver 2.10 to ver 2.11?

I already tried on #freepbx, but so far - no luck:

20140209 15:39:54 hi. please help. freepbx 2.10 new gui - where is the upgrade tool to upgrade to 2.11?
20140209 15:42:30 <[TK]D-Fender> in module admin
20140209 15:45:18 [TK]D-Fender: thanks - I don’t see it - what am i doing wrong?
20140209 15:45:27 <[TK]D-Fender> show us
20140209 15:48:38
20140209 15:52:51 [TK]D-Fender: does this help? or what did you want me to do?
20140209 15:56:06 <[TK]D-Fender> you should have buttons to choose what repos to use…
20140209 15:56:14 <[TK]D-Fender> expand "local modules"
20140209 16:30:07 do you mean like this:
20140209 16:35:42 [TK]D-Fender: ?
20140209 16:36:34 <[TK]D-Fender> yes, check again, and look it all over
20140209 16:40:17 I posted the image - it is not there. please help
20140209 16:41:54 In the old versions - there was something like this in the menu:
20140209 16:41:54
20140209 16:41:54

Please help?
Preferably through web gui, but if not - at least how can I do it through cli/shell?

This has been fixed. You will see the version upgrade module in module admin now.

  1. Thanks, tm1000.
  2. Is it better to do it via GUI or CLI?
  3. I found how to do it via CLI

cd /usr/src/
tar zxvf freepbx-2.11.0.tar.gz
cd freepbx-2.11.0
./start_asterisk start # for upgrades use: amportal start