Please help disable RestApp Voicemail!

Sangoma S500 phone,

Pressing the voicemail button and pressing play on the message dials my softphone app! This is soo annoying! Someone please help disable this rest app which is useless.
Sangoma phones around for so long and still having issues like that.

I want a voicemail button to just dial *97 when pressed. That’s it.

Is that possible?

Did you both to even look in our wiki.

That page was created 2 years ago. This is not a issue or a bug. Its doing what it was designed to do. It tells asterisk to call you and play the message.

Thanks for the wiki.

But why call my softphone?? Can it just play on the sangoma phone when i’m pressing a button?

Why call my soft phone which is on my cellphone? So inconvenient!

We have no control over that. We tell asterisk to call Ext 7001 for example. If 7001 has more than 1 device it rings them all. We cant force it to ring 1 device since in asterisk you can only call extensions not devices.

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