Please help:asterisk resets, after every hanged up call!

I installed Asterisk with all the patches on a Debian Etch machine, I then installed freepbx.
My situation is the following: 2 SIP trunks, 1 CAPI (ISDN) trunk, both in-out, and a bunch of sip extensions (phones)
Anyway, I managed to get everything to work, my only problem is:
doesn’t matter if using ISDN or sip trunks, everytime someone hangs up a call on a sip phone, asterisk reloads itself, thus breaking off other simultaneous calls, so I cannot have 2 calls at same time, or transfer a call, cause when I hang up, following happens:

[May 15 15:58:39] VERBOSE[9046] logger.c: – Executing [[email protected]:1] Macro(“SIP/10-08259a48”, “hangupcall|”) in new stack
[May 15 15:58:39] VERBOSE[9046] logger.c: – Executing [[email protected]:1] ResetCDR(“SIP/10-08259a48”, “w”) in new

and then asterisk reloads itself.
Since macros are being used, I really don’t know where to look, but I don’t suppose this is normal.
I don’t know if its anyhow related, in /var/log/asterisk, I only have “full” and “queue log” , the “event_log” is always emtpy and never modified!

You’re right, that’s not normal. Check in your system messages or syslog (it’s been a long time since I’ve used Debian) for any other indications.

well…i don’t know…syslog doesn’t seem to be changed corresponding to the hangups, nor does the other logs.
I guess asterisk is not really restarting, only reloading…
I suppose it’s something the macro does…since im using freebpx I don’t know where I should look for modifying settings (macro, logs…)
BTW freepbx doesn’t keep track of any calls…thats why I thought something wrong with the logs, maybe he cant write them at the end of the calls or something…

A reload should not drop calls. If you want you can paste more of your full * log to or something and I can take a look for something obviously out of place, but with the information you’ve given so far I can’t think of a reason why this may be happening.

ok!! I pasted you here:
even though it’s very long, I restarted amportal and deleted old log, so you have a fresh start, then there’s an incoming call which is answered and hanged up (i put a -------------- where the call’s hanged up and asterisk reloads, it’s [May 15 21:22:59] )
if you notice something wrong please tell me, i’m a newbie, so looks ok to me…
thank you very very much…

There seem to be a lot of little warnings in there that you should probably address. Way, way too many for me to type out.

What versions of all the software are you running?

asterisk 1.4.18, freepbx 2.4.0

I was hoping you’d say “Asterisk 1.6” so I could tell you to go down to 1.4. :slight_smile:

I don’t know, man, I’m not seeing anything that screams “I’m the culprit.”

it’s ok…thankz for the checking out though…I will keep looking, but since I searched and nobody has this problem, I’ll probably go on and install the whole thing once again :-((