Please extend Time Condition to include Holidays feature

Hi everyone,

I think a holiday management feature as an extension to Time Condition would be a very appropriate feature.

This would be part of the Time Condition and not a work-around like create another Time Condition for each and every holiday…etc.

What say everyone else?


FreePBX 2.8.X (and perhaps earlier versions, I don’t remember when it came out) allows you to ‘nest’ Time Groups. Create a Time Group called Holidays. Enter your first Holiday criteria, click Submit and a new set of fields appears. Enter your next Holiday criteria, click Submit and so on. (I have six Holidays in one Time Group and I’m sure you can enter more.) Then, create your Time Condition called Holidays and use this new Time Group. The ‘Destination if time does not match’ should then be your ‘Regular Time Condition’. The Inbound Route should point first to the Holiday Time Condition before any others.

The only challenge left is to remember to change the Holiday Time Group next year for Holidays that have date changes! i.e. Christmas is always the 25th, but Thanksgiving moves around.

Thanks. I see that now.

The way my system is set up makes holiday routing a bit cumbersome. I have several inbound routes each routing through their own sets of time conditions, ivr’s etc. In order for me to use the current setup for holidays, while I only have to make one time group, I need a separate time condition for each extension. It would be really nice if I could have a way to set an output of an inbound route that is what I will call multi-tiered for lack of a better term.

For example, I presently would have to have:

Inbound Route 1 > Holiday Time Cond 1 > Day/Night Time Cond 1 > Destination 1
Inbound Route 2 > Holiday Time Cond 2 > Day/Night Time Cond 2 > Destination 2
Inbound Route 3 > Holiday Time Cond 3 > Day/Night Time Cond 3 > Destination 3
Inbound Route 4 > Holiday Time Cond 4 > Day/Night Time Cond 4 > Destination 4

So for each inbound route that should have the same day/night and holiday behavior, I have to make a separate set of time conditions (totaling 8 in the example above).

I know this would be a reengineering of the system, but if I could set something multi-tiered like the following in the inbound route “Holiday TC > Day/Night TC > Destination 1” and the routes of the TC’s would be “unmodified” or “Holiday Destination” for example. That way I would set all the custom routing in the Inbound Route but the holiday and day/night time conditions could be reused.

Am I completely out in left field, or would other people find something like this useful?


Are the time groups “Day/Night Time Cond” Identical? If they are use the same one in each time condition.

The whole purpose if the time condition is to change the call routing based on time so I don’t see how this would be useful. Since you example only routes to one destination I don’t see what you even need a time condition.