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Hello all -

I’m new to posting in this forum but have greatly benefited from your collective wisdom in the past. Thanks!

I’m having trouble with the new GUI after upgrading to 2.10 (almost all the way - I still don’t have the SysAdmin Module updated)and PHP 3.5

I can load and interact with the GUI but after each button click I’m bounced to the “Please enter you credentials” page. This works until I try to add/edit information. e.g. I can navigate to the Extension Administration page, make a change, but when I hit Submit I’m bounced back to the “Credentials” and then config.php homepage.

Can I provide any additional information to help you understand what’s going on?

Any thoughts about how to untangle this knot?

Kind regards


I had the same issue, following an upgrade from FreePBX 2.9.x, and running the upgrade tool.
The tool advised me to upgrade from Asterisk 1.6 to 1.8. (check).
It then appeared to get “stuck” at a halfway point.

I did a re-install of FreePBX, and now have the “no direct access to scripts” problem,
but had I known the CLI commands, I would have done the following:

(Login to your Asterisk/FreePBX box CLI).

cd /var/lib/asterisk/bin

./module_admin help

You’ll notice that there are a bunch of useful commands here that allow you to perform
module administration from a CLI, instead of the (broken) web-interface.

If you do a “./module_admin list”, you’ll see the version numbers of the modules.

Check for key modules that are disabled, and modules that aren’t on 2.10.

In my case, “framework”, “core”, “fw_api”, “fw_fop”, and “fw_langpacks” had a mishmash (some were 2.9, others were 2.10).

I’m guessing that if at the time, I had done a:
#./module_admin -R standard download framework

./module_admin upgrade framework

#./module_admin reload

and then done the same for the list above (core, fw_api, etc),

that the problem might have been taken care of.
(Hopefully this works for you).

I wasn’t as lucky, and now have a bigger mess to figure out…


Thanks Tom for the really specific instructions about module upgrades through the CLI.

I decided to buy some expert support to help sort this all out.

I had done a bad thing by running an upgrade script out of sequence (I was just trying to get PHP to 3.5 so I could get rid of the reminder about sysAdmin being out of date… really that’s all I wanted… live and learn), which broke the system.

I will definitely be A LOT more careful about upgrades in the future.

But I’m sure I won’t be able to resist looking at the available commands in the CLI just out of curiosity.

Best -