Playing a System Recording prior to extension ring

Anyone know how to sccomplish the following?

I want to have a system recording play prior to an extension being rung from the main IVR menu.

For instance, if someone calls from outside the office, they get the main IVR. They can immediately type the 3 digit extension and it rings the proper device. I would like to play a System Recording message prior to the device ringing.

I can’t seem to find any reference on this anywhere…



The easy way to do this is to create a follow-me for each extension. Just go into the Follow Me module, and click on the extension in the right-hand list to add a Follow Me (or edit an existing one). Then check the settings for, and if necessary, set the following (at a minimum):

Ring Time: How long you want the extension to ring before it goes to the no answer destination
Follow Me List: The extension number should appear in there by itself, unless you want to add additional follow-me destinations.
Announcement: This is what you really want - point it to the announcement you want to play
Destination if no answer: Normally you’d set this to the extension’s voicemail, but you could also send the call back to the IVR, or to another extension or whatever - it’s up to you.

One other point: If you want the recording to be played BEFORE the extension is rung, use the Announcement option. However, if you want to play one or more announcements (perhaps mixed with musical interludes) while the extension is ringing and the caller is waiting for the call to be answered, those would go in a Music On Hold category and then you’d use “Play Music On Hold?” to select that. The difference is that the first type of announcement plays before the extension commences ringing and cannot be interrupted by the called party picking up, whereas the second type plays while the extension is ringing and is interrupted when the extension is picked up.

Can this be set to only play for outside lines? That way everyone in the office doesn’t have to hear it.


this would have to be custom dialplan or changes to achieve what you want.