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Playback Queue Caller Count (*47) Not Working

(Douglas Robinson) #1

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I have just tried this on my system and it does not work.

PBX Firmware: 10.13.66-17
PBX Service Pack:

All modules updated

Hey anything that you can think of that we can try to get this to work??

(Dsivoip) #3

I’d be interested in furthering the dialog on other ways to provide notification of “callers waiting in queue” status to agents.

I’ve seen referenced in “extensions_additional.conf” a setting for “QUEUECALLERS = *47”

as well as: “Function_QUEUE_WAITING_COUNT” in the Asterisk documentation.

Anyone have experience with integrating either of these into a hint that could be used to flash a BLF when there are callers waiting in queue?

(Dave Burgess) #4

If there’s a hint for your queue (“show hints”) you should be able to get a button to flash for it. Mr. Pedantic (me) reminds you that a BLF is a “Busy Line Facility” and may or may not be something in the specific implementation of this. For example, the red light on the handset of a Cisco phone is a BLF, but the buttons show various status settings and turn on and off based on hints in the system.

(Dsivoip) #5

Despite it being in the .conf file mentioned, entering CLI ‘core show hints’ does not reveal *47 in the list.

I have been able to program buttons with LEDs that change state for Agent Paused *46, Queue Login Toggle *45, but *47 doesn’t do anything.

My hope was it might have been a syntax issue on my part, or, that there was some setting to turn *47 functionality on and off that I hadn’t found.

(Dsivoip) #6

I created a new thread with this fix, but figured it could be good to have here to be found by some searches, and the duplication seemed appropriate.

Solved this one! Yay!!

Placed the following script into the file “extensions_custom.conf”

then click Save and Apply Config.

Note: Our queue extensions are 600, 601, and 602, adjust these extensions in this script accordingly for your system.

Copy and paste this into that file:

; Begin Queues Hints
*exten => 47600,1,Gosub(app-queue-caller-count,s,1(600))
*exten => 47600,n,Hangup
*exten => 47600,hint,Queue:600
; End of Queue 600 Hint
*exten => 47601,1,Gosub(app-queue-caller-count,s,1(601))
*exten => 47601,n,Hangup
*exten => 47601,hint,Queue:601
; End of Queue 601 Hint
*exten => 47602,1,Gosub(app-queue-caller-count,s,1(602))
*exten => 47602,n,Hangup
*exten => 47602,hint,Queue:602
; End of Queue 602 Hint

The file can be edited from within PBXact/FreeBPX by going to Modules/Config Edit, then selecting “extensions_custom.conf” from the list on the left in the tree under the heading Asterisk Custom Configuration Files. Paste it into the field on the right once the file is selected.

The file is also found via CLI at /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf and can be edited with Nano or VI.

Then, moving on to the Grandstream GXP2160 and 2170 phones, go to Settings/Programmable Keys/Virtual MultiPurpose Keys, then press Edit VPK,

  • Mode: BLF

  • Account: Account 1 (Probably doesn’t matter for this)

  • Description: Something that makes the most sense for your users as it will be displayed on a screen

  • Value: *47xxx (put your queue’s extension number in for the xxx)

Now, when there is a call in the queue this button will flash red. If an Agent is Paused or has Logged Out the flashing will remind them there is someone waiting. Also, it will flash when they are on a call when another is waiting in the queue.

This should work with any other phone that offers programmable BLF as an option.

Haopy Trails!

(Tom Ray) #7

OK, I’m fixing this here as well just like I did your thread with this in it. As I said there, formatting is important if you look at this you will notice there’s not * in front of your stuff.

Yes, you typed it and put it there but the forum is formatting it according to forum format codes. Very important the final format is correct.

And just like I pointed out in the other thread the context for app-queue-caller-count doesn’t use or look for any $ARG variables so adding the queue number as a ARG to the GoSub call won’t work. Nothing looks for or uses it.

This is going to be in your dialplan already

exten => *47*600,1,Set(QUEUE=600)
exten => *47*600,n,Goto(app-queue-caller-count,s,1)

So the app-queue-caller-count is looking for the ${QUEUE} variable when getting the count of the callers in said queue.

If the goal is just to have hints for the queues then all you need is this:

exten => *47*600,hint,Queue:600
exten => *47*601,hint,Queue:601
exten => *47*602,hint,Queue:602
exten => *47600,hint,Queue:600
exten => *47601,hint,Queue:601
exten => *47602,hint,Queue:602

First three follow the FreePBX structure that already exists for using *47 and the last three show your format. But that’s all you need for adding a hint for the queue.