Playback of recorded calls via handset

Voicemail messages can be replayed via the handset using the UCP, which is perfect because the office computers do not have sound capability.

Recorded calls show only with a download link, no ‘play on phone’ like the voicemails have. Is this a fault in my system or behaviour by design? Is it possible to change?

I’m not sure how you would route those to your phone. They are files (as are your voicemail), but not in the same contextual framework as a voicemail.

How would the interface work? You click on the download link and …

If you can elucidate how you want it to work, someone might be able to suggest a way to help you make it happen. Failing that, you could (or should) submit a feature request and see what happens.

On the other hand, remember that this is Open Source software. Submitting a feature request with working code could make the process go a lot faster.

Oh sure, I’ll be working on making it happen, it’s something we’re going to need due to our particular environment.

As for how it would work, exactly the same as voicemail. Click the phone icon, phone rings, lift receiver, listen to message/call recording. The interface is already there, conceptually at least.

I wanted to ask about it incase this was something it already did and I simply hadn’t turned it on!
The UCP is quite an interesting chunk of code from what I’ve seen so far, so this will have to wait a few weeks while I get up to speed with the rest of things. If this does not already exist, then it will do soon!

Easy. Send the Playback() application the full path to where the file is. As long as Asterisk can read the file then it’ll playback.