Playback of Conference call recording

I searched but no one had an up to date simple solution. Some have asked thisquestion befor but no ne answered.

I am running FreePBX 13.0.105 standard distribution. I have successfully recorded a short conference as a test. The file name is /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/2016/04/12/403-403-always-20160412-132536-1460481936.97-1460481961.wav

Now how can I replay it using the UCP or admin panel?
How can I email it to the participants?

Are you asking how to download a file using SFTP? Clearly, that would be the simplest solution, since you have the entire path and file name. Once you have it on your desktop, it’s just a file to attach.

Failing that, the CDR report has (used to have?) a link to recordings. Maybe you can click that and “save as file”.

It’s a WAVE file - even Microsoft products should be able to play it back.

As far as using the standard FreePBX package, I’m not sure there’s an easy way to do that using that tool. There is a Conference Pro package that might have something like that.

Honestly, though, SFTP really is pretty simple. It’s pretty trivial to download your file that way.

I don’t have a problem playing it back, i just have a problem finding it.

SFTP is not a simple solution as the only way to know the file name is to open an SSH link or similar to find the file. I was expecting something in the web interface to list the recordings and or links.

I am new to FreePBX but it self advertises as a web interface tool and I am expecting it to live up to that. It should provide a web interface to access and or play call recordings. This is provided for voice mail why not conference call recordings?

I am an admin with the skills to do this but I’m not eager to hand-hold everyone who records a conference call so I can access and download the call.

The recordings links may be in the CDR for individual recorded calls but are not showing for a conference call recordings. Probably should but they aren’t.

If this is something that you are expecting all of your subscribers to do, it sounds like a job for Conference Pro. As nice as UCP is, it still isn’t the last tool you’re going to need. The rest of FreePBX is designed to make your life easier as an admin, but really does nothing for the average “guy with a phone” on your system.

Remember, even though this is a very nice distribution, it’s still an open source product. If you were to come up with a method that works for your people and submit it, I’m sure there’d be interest. If, on the other hand, you wanted to just wait for someone to develop this bit of relatively specialized code, you can use the ticket system to make your request. Sangoma is also a reasonably accommodating place if you are willing to pay for the development.

Adding it to UCP would be interesting - not sure how you’d identify the callers that need to get access, though.
Changing the conference context code to e-mail the host a copy would be cool and you could do that with a custom-context yourself.
Setting up a “conference recording management” page would be a lot of work, but very specific.

Like I said, try checking out “Conference Pro” and see what that does for you. If it’s not what you need, make some suggestions.

I have read all the Conference Pro sales pages and the wiki documentation and nothing suggests that it provides this feature in either admin or UCP mode. I’d be delighted if it did.

I’d be happy if it showed up in the CDR report for conference calls, but it doesn’t.

Does anyone out there know if Conference Pro resolves this problem?

Unless conference pro resolves this I’m going to open a ticket as a bug.

Thanks for your responses.

Lorne @lgaetz or James @jfinstrom should be able to steer you closer.