Play Voicemail recording but then forward to IVR?

I’m trying to see if there is a way in which we could setup extensions simply to play the voicemail recording but then after it’s played have it send them to a specific IVR?

I’ve done this with announcements but the goal would also be to keep these extensions setup permanently this way so that we could also login remotely and change the outgoing message on the extension as needed.


Take a look at VmX Locater. If you can’t do what you want from the GUI, than look deeper at how it is actually implemented. It might be what you are looking for. If not, then try playing a trick with the Announcement module. Make a recording which will be stored in ~sounds/custom/recording_name.wav. Once it is made and you’ve pointed an announcement at it (or used it directly in you IVR), replace that file with a symlink to your desired voicemail file. Then you should get what you are looking for.

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Thanks - I did look at it a bit last night (VmX) - the problem is that if I have hundreds of extensions potentially - then having to program the main IVR with every code->announcement could be very hectic. I’d rather put it in as an Extension therefore allowing me not having to program the main IVR users come into. They just type in their ext and off it goes to the right ext which will then play the outgoing message and transfer them to an IVR.

Also - if I want to track or record where a caller goes to announcement wise - it’s not logged. If it is an extension we now have which number they listened to… :slight_smile:

Any ideas with that concept of what I want to implement? Right now it’s very small scale and I am using Announcements but it could get very crazy quickly if I continue to do that.

Maybe I’m caffeine deprived this morning, but I have no idea what you are talking about or what you are trying to do.

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To best describe what I’m trying to do… we’re looking to use Trixbox to be a messaging delivery system.

When someone calls in they go to the IVR which prompts them to put in a 4 digit number. From there - it should transfer them to the Extension with that 4 digit number and then play the voicemail message that’s been recorded for them. After it plays it should then dump them to an IVR so that they can select what to do next (i.e. go to main menu, enter in another 4 digit number, etc.)

I know this can be done with announcements as we have tested this idea out already doing just that. However from what I see - that solution is not scalable as each 4 digit number would need an entry in the IVR to point to the corresponding announcement. We are looking at what could end up being hundreds or thousands of messages we need 4 digit numbers for.

Does that make it easier to understand explaining it that way?

Thanks again in advance,

It sounds like what you’re trying to do is not really a PBX at all. You can probably twist around FreePBX to be able to do what you’re looking to … but it would probably be much simpler for you just to write an application in some combination of asterisk dialplan/AGI to do exactly what you need. FreePBX is designed to be a PBX, not the be-all end-all of telephony applications.

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I guess that’s just the front end piece to things - on the back end it will still be a PBX in that options past the initial message can then use Follow Me functions, leave messages for the message creator, forward to softphone extensions people have connected, etc.

So in reality - I’m not twisting things but applying it to the circumstance of what we need a solution for. Bottom line - is there a way to transfer to an extension, play an outgoing voicemail message and then not have it record a message but rather skip to an IVR?

Sure you can do that but you need to code to do it. You can look at the custom coding work that is done in VmX to see how it accomplishes the same thing for its own purpose and then determine how to write your own custom application to do yours. It would also not be too hard to modify the code or add a module that created your desired dialplan based on existing extensions and used their messages in the manner you want. You just need to have it written. If you want to contact us to contract to have it written you may do so, there is information under the different support options and we could assess the cost. Or you can figure it out or look into someone else developing it. Either way, it is a custom application that you are trying to do that needs to be written to do it.

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VmX was the key… I could play a recording as part of the Follow me settings - set it to 0 rings and then once the announcement plays it then dumps them to an IVR. It’s already built in…

Thanks Philippe for turning me to that piece - it does exactly what I need!

glad it helps - you can always feel free by sending the thanks through the donate mechanism as well:-)

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Why would you need a VmX for this?

You can create an extension with a Follow-Me pointing to itself. As long as nothing is registered on that extension, the Follow-Me will always go to the fail-over destination. Then you can create a normal IVR menu and point the failover destination for the Follow-Me to that IVR. This gives you more options as well, since the VmX only gives you (I think) option 1 and 2 for press options. Also, this would be easier to configure since it’s all contained in the IVR section instead of having to go to each extension’s VmX options.

Actually, VmX gives you options 0-9,*,# but they are not all exposed in the gui.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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I think that would work. Setup extensions and find a way to get voicemail to only play an announcement.

I have a lot of recordings too but not as many as the original poster. I ended up with several IVR’s within a main IVR. The most recordings in an IVR is 128 of them.

I would also like a feature where recordings in a directory are rotated each time someone calls. I’ll figure this one out one of these days.