Play busy tone on call-call-limit reached

I had, on a trunk a line with limiting incoming calls to 1, call-limit=1 and in case of other calls I set up that others calls received busy tone. Now , I haven’t touched nothing but when other calls arrives, the call drops without busy tone. What can I check ? Log says ‘Call from peer reject due to usage limit of 1’ ‘failed to place call for device … Too many calls’


So you’re on a call and another call comes in and you want to do something like play a busy signal over the “now full” trunk? With one call on and one getting a busy signal, that would be two calls, and you’ve exceeded your call limit…

If you set the call limit to 1, the subsequent calls will be dropped at your PBX, and (theoretically) your ITSP will see that and play back a busy signal. If that’s not happening, you probably need to rethink your “busy signal” strategy.

Yes but before up to some days ago it worked well

It sounds like the call limit test wasn’t working right before and is now working the way it’s supposed to. The fact that it didn’t work right before was either a bug, or the upstream provider has changed the way they hang up your calls.

Now, it is possible that a change in the way Chan-SIP or PJ-SIP reports “busy” trunks has rendered your old behavior dead, but it shouldn’t have ever worked; at least, it shouldn’t have worked through your PBX. If the semantics of the “go away” message have recently changed, then that could explain what you are seeing.

So how to solve this problem? What do you suggest to me?

I’m not clear on why, in this age of almost limitless phone power, you want to send a busy signal.

Does your provider limit your channel usage?

Are you just trying to minimize the connect charges?

If it was my system - I’d set up a single extension as the destination for the number and let the rest go to voicemail. That is, after all, what the system is designed to do.

If you are really determined to do the one-call limit thing, I suggest you contact your provider and find out from them what you have to do to get them to do a busy signal.