Play busy tone calling from zoiper softphone to busy destinations


We’re using Zoiper softphones with our FreePBX 14 installation.

We noticed that on calling busy destination no busy tone is played. Zoiper just gives message “Busy Here (code: 486)”. Though it correctly says that destination is busy, users accustomed to busy tone “beep, beep, beep…” are confused.

Is there any possibility to configure busy tone on FreePBX side?

Appreciate your help

Thank you

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Personal opinion - no one should be used to hearing a busy signal anymore. The system is smart enough that there should never be an unhandled exception like this.

In my experience with Zoiper (which I use on my cell for personal number hiding), the busy signal tone gets played about half-of-once before the call is disconnected. Note that this is the same experience I get from my Android phone calling a PSTN number - half a “honk”, hang up, and “Busy” on the display.

As technology moves forward, the idea of an audible busy signal is going to slowly disappear, but not soon enough for my taste.

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Thank you for reply, Dave!

It makes sense. Then, we just have to get accustomed to it)


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