Play audio file on call transfer

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I have a client that would like to record calls on demand or other wise. They would like this on only specific extensions. Is there a way that when a call comes in and is transferred to the specific extension an audio file can be played before the call is answered? ie: Like a disclaimer that the call may be recorded.

Recording controls can be set at the extension level, so have you tried some of those to see how close you get to your desired result? You can choose inbound/outbound and/or local/remote, so there are at least four combinations for call recording.

On the “play an audio file” part - I can’t think of a way to do that at the extension level short of setting up a Misc Destination (or similar) that has the extension number, play an announcement, and then transfer the call to a “pseudo” extension number.

The ‘play a file before answer’ can be configured by enabling Follow Me for the extension.


Thanks I will have a look at that.

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Just there is a point, with PJISP call will hang up after 30 sec.
I have checked the RTP time out also but it was not related to it.

Although it’s ok with chan_sip users.

Do you have any idea it is a bug?