Play a recording over the paging system?

hi, i have a customer that I am replacing an old phone system for with freepbx. One of the challanges I have is, on the old pbx, the customer has a phone on the dock for deliveries. the delivery person picks up the phone and dial the paging code for someone to open the door…To me, this is a scarry thought. I wanted to put something in place that was a little more safe.
What I would like is to have a recorded anouncement played over the paging system. maybe this could be initiated when an exention is dialed? I am new to freepbx and am not realy sure what is possible.

does anyone have any idea’s on how I could set this up?

thanks for your time!

Could you create a ring group for the outside person to dial and then inside the ring group set the Remote Announce recording with your paging message. And then select the Page group as the destination in the Extensions list?