Play a recorded message to caller during a call


Can anyone point us to the solution for this:

“Seems we need to do a recording within the call of an agent. They want this call recording that needs to be played by the agent during the call and customer to agree on it.”

Can this be done on freepbx?

Do you need an IVR for it or do you want it played as a message and continue with the call? Does this only happen on some calls or on all?

This happens in the middle of the call. Agent will need to play a recorded message to the customer with terms and conditions of sale and customer will need to agree to this. It will not happen on all the calls, and the playing of the recording must be initiated by the agent during the call with customer.

You probably need to checkout the dictation service and see how you can use this to your advantage…

Something to start you off

You could create an announcement set to play recording and terminate call then make a feature code for it with a Misc Application. Whenever you need it, you can conference in the announcement feature code. Depending on your phone, a one touch soft key could be programmed to do this.

that worked - thanx