Play a message on interval when extension is not answered

I would like to disable voicemail for extensions, but instead play an intermittent message when people dial that extension - either internally or via an IVR. So something that doesn’t hang up or allow someone to leave a message, but more something like “This person seems quite busy, please hold or try again later”.

How would I configure something like that?

One way of doing this is with music on hold, rather than ringback. You record a custom music on hold, possibly mimicking ringback, with the message interspersed. In practice you will need to answer the call, and the caller will get charged, as most providers won’t allow early media.

It might be possible to do with a single member queue, but ringing will have to stop for the message to be played, and I am not sure that comfort messages are actually played when there is only one caller and the callee is considered callable.

Perhaps a ringgroup that times out to an announcement that then re-enters the same ring group

Well that seems like an idea, but I would have to do that for every extension. Create a ringgroup with that extension in it, let it time out to an announcement, and have that announcement forward to that ringgroup, so also create an announcement for each and every extension. I was hoping for something less cumbersome

Where would I select the MoH class so that it replaces the ringback tone for each extension?

The default MOH is used for internal extension hold music. If you don’t want ring tone on queue or other music, you need to create a separate MOH class for other purposes. Since the default plays when you put someone on hold on your phone, the ringtone might get annoying. On inbound routes for external calls, you can define the music on hold separately.

Your best bet is to dig into dial plane coding and write some custom stuff to do what you want. FreePBX is not designed to handle your requirement the way you want it.

Thanks. Would this be the way to do that?

No, it wouldn’t I guess. That’s about music on hold, not ringback tone replacement

OK, this topic should be closed. I am going to open a new one since I now understand what I have to do and how I should answer the question. I am going to open a new topic to avoid cluttering.

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