Planning to move a 10.13 system to a 16 system

I intend to move an existing 10.13 installation to a new host running v16. I have full backups from the 10.13 created daily through FreePBX. I have downloaded SNG7-PBX16-64bit-2204-1.iso and will dd this to a flash drive.

My question is: Once 16 is installed on the new host is the transfer as simple s copying the full backup file from the 13 host and restoring it through FreePBX on the 16 host? Or is more required? If so then what?

Update the new 16 box to its fullest. Module & system updates. Take the backup module to the EDGE release just in case. Then perform the restore process.
If you have any commercial modules, make sure to activate the system first before starting the restore.

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