Placing call on hold automatically when line is busy

Hi - I am relatively new to FreePBX, and I’m trying to setup a way to automatically hold a call (camp?) if the intended extension is busy on another call. I’ve been looking at the Camp-On features and VmX, but I can’t quite get it to work. Ideally I’d like the caller to be prompted with some options:

1 to stay on the line
2 to leave a message (and go directly to that extensions voicemail)
0 to return to the operator

But I can work with just automatically placing the call on hold until the extension is free if the line is busy. If I turn off VmX locator and check the operator check box, leaving a message or returning to reception works as I want, but no option to stay on the line of course, but when I turn on the VmX operator, the best I have been able to do is redial the extension if the caller chooses to stay on the line (by entering the extension), or pass them to the general voicemail where they have to enter the mailbox. Has anyone done anything like this before? Any ideas on how I can set something like this up? (doesn’t need to be with VmX, that’s just the most promising option I’ve found so far!). Thanks!

You need to set the busy destination on the extension to an IVR, the “camp on” option of the IVR goes to a Queue.

Thanks for the replies.

I was hoping to find a solution other than a queue, we have about 30 users who want this feature, I was hoping to not have to create and manage that many queues! Is a queue the only way to hold a call on a second line (without manual intervention)?

You might want to look at using a queue, it probably can do what you want if you massage the timeout condition.

i agree with dicko. A queue is the way to go. You can even put a mini IVR in it that could give the caller the option to keep holding, leave a voicemail, etc.


Call waiting also holds the call but with no announcements ?

Hi Jas -

Thanks for the reply! Do you know of settings to get call waiting to hold for a length of time (or indefinitely)? We have call waiting on, but it seems to follow the same as if the line wasn’t busy, ring 4 times then kick to voicemail. Thanks!

Hi Scott - Would that mean every extension would need it’s own queue and IVR?

Yes, it would