Placed directly into specific agents queue

I have a client that allows their agents to give out their extension directly. They would like those callers to be able to dial back in and when prompted to enter their agents extension to be placed directly into that agents queue as next call.

Now i know i could just do standard extension dialing or directly but the call would act like a normal call and go to voicemail. I want the caller to be placed on hold until the agent hangs up with the current caller, then ring immediately to that phone.

Bonus Points: Caller ID is Prefixed with: “Call-Back:”

Is this possible. I have tried a few things but cant seem to figure it out.

VQ plus is a paid module that can do this with virtual queues:

Another way you may be able to do that is to assign ‘private’ queues to the agents, and a public one for all. Make the public queue lower priority than the private ones. When the people call back, assign to private queue (either directly, or maybe you have to create a misc destination/app). You can assign a CID prefix on the private queues of Call-back.

This is all theory, but should work. The priority should ensure that private queues are processed before the public ones.

Good luck.

okay. I understand the whole priority and what not for processing, Would i have to build a seperate IVR that has all of the agents as options (their extension is what is dialed) and the destinations would be the queues for each agent?

Not to undermine what @mpelchat said (which is all true and would probably work just fine), but for the amount of time it would take you to get all of that set up and working, the Module might be a cheaper solution for your customer. It also gives them a web-interface that they might be able to manage at a “more appropriate” level that having you do all the updates.

For a home system or a small office setting, doing the two layer queue thing wouldn’t be too bad, but it sounds like you’re setting this up for a call center, and in that case, you probably want to go for the “high octane” approach.