Place Call on Hold regardless of State

We recently transitioned to an Asterisk based phne system. In our previous phone system, our users were able to dial a phone number and immediately place that call on hold before the other party answered the call. If the other party answered the call before the user returned resumed the call, they would hear on hold music.

We want to place a call on hold even if it is not yet connected to the other party. Is it possible to perform this function?

What kind of phone? What version of FreePBX?

Aastra 6757i.

We actually use iSymphony and we have mentioned using iSymphony to make the calls, but the users were more interested in using the physical phone instead of using iSymphony to initiate the calls.

It’s a SIP phone, it can’t put the call on hold until it is setup.

Have you thought of using an on screen dialer, say like FOP2 or iSymphony. You could pre-setup all the calls you want.