PJSIP - Yealink - TLS/SRTP Registration failing for second phone

(D Rajan) #1


Freepbx 14
Asterisk: 13.38
All module and system updates completed.

Yealink T46S

Using PJSIP with TLS/SRTP with a Sectigo Cert which I know works with Chansip TLS.

Using default TLSv1 SSL method.

The first yealink phone for that pjsip extension registers without any problems. The second one fails with the below error:

SSL SSL_ERROR_SSL (Read): Level: 0 err: <218910881> <asn1 encoding routines-ASN1_item_verify-unknown message digest algorithm> len: 32000

If I use one yealink and one mitel with the same extension, it registers for both phones with PJSIP.

Any ideas?

(Ad Fun7911) #2

Have you checked that the settings on both phones are actually the same? This sounds like different configurations on the endpoints.