PJSIP - Yealink - TLS/SRTP Registration failing for second phone


Freepbx 14
Asterisk: 13.38
All module and system updates completed.

Yealink T46S

Using PJSIP with TLS/SRTP with a Sectigo Cert which I know works with Chansip TLS.

Using default TLSv1 SSL method.

The first yealink phone for that pjsip extension registers without any problems. The second one fails with the below error:

SSL SSL_ERROR_SSL (Read): Level: 0 err: <218910881> <asn1 encoding routines-ASN1_item_verify-unknown message digest algorithm> len: 32000

If I use one yealink and one mitel with the same extension, it registers for both phones with PJSIP.

Any ideas?

Have you checked that the settings on both phones are actually the same? This sounds like different configurations on the endpoints.

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