PJSIP User Agent in FreePBX

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I see that pjsip.conf has an entry for user_agent , which probably is written by the freePBX GUI

I am looking for where I might change thios and can not find it in the FreePBX GUI

I know how to set it for chan_sip in GUI but not pjsip


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It’s the same place as it is for chansip.

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No optiosn for “other settings” if that is what you mean

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If that is where you’ve been setting it for chan_sip that is wrong.

This is a perfect use case for why “other settings” is an awful implementation. Remove your setting from “other settings”.

fwconsole setting SIPUSERAGENT MySweetPBX

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Well it does work there I can see it in the SIP messages thanks will try

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