PJSIP Trunk issues after Restore from Backup

After an attempted upgrade from FreePBX 15 to 16 failed miserably, I brought up a replacement system and and restored my backup to it. Most things are working as expected, but trunking has proven problematic. My site-to-site IAX2 trunk was not working, but I was able to fix that by “editing” the trunk and then re-saving the configuration. My PJSIP trunks are also not working, but the fix is proving to be much more difficult.

Here are the errors I am getting in Asterisk:

ERROR[50239]: res_pjsip.c:4053 ast_sip_create_dialog_uac: Endpoint ‘SIP-TRUNK-NAME’: Could not create dialog to invalid URI ‘SIP-TRUNK-NAME’. Is endpoint registered and reachable?
ERROR[50239]: chan_pjsip.c:2656 request: Failed to create outgoing session to endpoint ‘SIP-TRUNK-NAME’
WARNING[52426][C-00000017]: app_dial.c:2604 dial_exec_full: Unable to create channel of type ‘PJSIP’ (cause 3 - No route to destination)

Any thoughts or help is appreciated.

Well, I seem to have it working now. After trying lots of different things, I think the ultimate solution was to disable and re-enable the UDP protocol under SIP Settings [chan_pjsip]. I suspect the Restore must have missed something needed for a working configuration. FWIW, I attempted the restore twice, with the same result both times.

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