PJSIP syntax error exception when parsing 'Via' header on line 2 col 34 How can ı fix this?

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If we have to do that, then it’s not worth our time. This just isn’t FreePBX you’re trying to make work you have Kamailio involved in this (an outdated version too) which means Kamailio could be messing with all of this and SIP ALG has nothing to do with it.

So you’re basically trying to setup something that requires more level of knowledge and skills than just “I’m a newbie” because now we have to wonder. Are you a newbie to FreePBX, Kamailio, SIP or all of the above?

(Emrettt) #23

I thought ıts gonna be easier.
all ı need get the number from supplier and when ı call the number ıt terminate call or route to the conference call.

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So why do you need Kamailio for this? Why aren’t you just connecting your FreePBX box to them and doing it that way?

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I think premium number supplier use kamailio
They gave me their ıp and port I created chanpjsıps after that numbler supplier said my server doesnt reply. and I still couldnt find any solution.
Do you have skype or something? I guess ı found your facebook. can ı contact you there?

(Emrettt) #26

I still getting that error and I dont know what should ı do?

PJSIP syntax error exception when parsing ‘Via’ header on line 2 col 34:

(Tom Ray) #27

You’ve been told what to do. It’s either SIP ALG on your router or the Kamailio server is setting the VIA header wrong. So you need to check your router and turn off SIP ALG. If SIP ALG is already off or you still have the same issues afterwards then it’s the Kamailio server. If the Kamailio server is the providers, then you need to talk to them.

You’ve been told now multiple times what the issue is and what steps to take to try and resolve it. Do those.

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