PJSIP Remote Extension x3

Here we are still at it… PJSIP Remote Extension Oneway Traffic Followup x2

so I was able to login to SPA adapter and updated the registration expiration and found a NAT Keepalive option that I set to Yes.

The phone more or less registers now, had better luck getting it to be able to inbound and outbound call and don’t have an issue with one way audio anymore.

HOWEVER it constantly drops off then re-registers a few seconds later now. Where as before it would drop the registration for a long period of time.

I’ve noticed when it comes back up the ping time its claiming is all over the place / insanely high.

From around 80msec to 800msec

I’ve seen 81ms, 102ms, 588ms, 602ms, 800ms assuming that these are correct. The phone is literally in the next town over. Also I did ping from the remote site to the server and get around 25ms which seems eh… but reasonable I suppose

I ran a speed test through a few different sites and got 100mbit / 20mbit consistently so it doesn’t seem to be a speed issue.

We were also having issues with choppy audio, I did a RTP packet capture as seen here

What are your thoughts with the completely all over response times? They never seem to drop down to a reasonable level

Edit: Something I was wondering if any of you might have a network monitoring utility you might recommend for a case like this? I’m wondering if there’s a deeper underlying issue at the remote site. They don’t have a lot of devices and its a home but for the ping times to vary so much, I also had a pretty rough time using remote support services to work from their system even with decent speeds.

It’s a cable connection, so wondering if maybe there’s more to the story, they had issues connecting to a remote camera system and issues with live views where as I could connect perfectly fine.

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