PJSIP>PJSIP Auto-answer across multi-site IAX trunk


I wondered if anyone could shed any light on an issues I am having with auto-answer between PJSIP extensions between two sites which are interconnected via an IAX2 trunk.

Site 1 has PJSIP extensions (1XX), and one SIP extension (9XX)
Site 2 has PJSIP extensions (2XX)

When I intercom within PJSIP extensions at Site 1, normal behavior is observed and the Yealink phones auto-answer.
Ditto at Site 2 (as long is it stays within Site 2)

However, if I attempt to intercom from Site 1 to Site 2, the extension at Site 2 rings instead of auto-answer.

The peculiar thing is that if I use a legacy SIP extension at either site the intercom auto-answer works as expected across the IAX trunk. So for example, from Site 1 with SIP extension 909 across the IAX trunk to Site 2 at PJSIP extension 201 the call auto-answers. However, Site 1 PJSIP extension 102 to Site 2 PJSIP extension 201 will only ring, not auto-answer.

Here are some logs observed from Site 2:



Thank you for any advice/thoughts.

I wonder if it is not supported via IAX2? Might be worth asking on the Asterisk forum.

Try this:

  1. Change the Intercom feature code to *81
  2. Create a custom trunk with a Custom Dial String of “Local/$OUTNUM$@ext-intercom”
  3. Create an outbound route using the above created trunk. Add the following dial pattern (*81)*80|1XX replacing the “1” with whatever number is appropriate for the local extensions on that PBX to that outbound route.
  4. Went to the outbound routes that route calls to appropriate remote PBXs based on extension number and added the dial pattern (*81)*80|1XX again replacing the “1” with whatever number is appropriate for the remote extension on the remote PBX

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