PJSip phones don't show as registered in Digium Phones Module

FreePBX Distro 14
Asterisk 13
DPMA 3.5.0

ISSUE: Digium D62 phones using PJSip do not show as registered in the Digium Phones module

I’ve configured several extensions, some Chan_sip, some PJSip UDP, some PJSip TLS/SRTP.

I configure the phones using the digium phones config module. Only the Chan_Sip phones show up.

In the asterisk log when I leave everything quite (no testing) I see this repeated…

Updating DPMA user ‘304’ uri=‘pjsip::1274;transport=’ ua=‘Digium D62 2_8_5’

what jumps out at me is the “transport=’”

Anyone have any thoughts?

Another oddity, if I click on “reconfigure” in the Digium Phone module for the extension, even though it doesn’t show there, the phone does get the reconfigure command and grabs it’s configuration.

I’ve got two phones running to try and figure out this issue. One on Chan_Sip and the other PJSip.

The Chan_Sip phone shows up in Digium Phone mondule as registered, the PJSip does not.

After letting them sit idle for a while I noticed that they both lost their custom logo and rapid dial phonebook on the display. A reboot of each phone brought these back.

Yeah there’s all sorts of gremlins at the moment, but definitely, the most functional config I’ve found by far and away is NOT EPM it’s the old Digium Phones module with PJSIP on 5060 and SIP on 5160 and my extensions configured to use PJSIP. Seems to work quite well. My problems are now quite trivial. For example My Digium Phones Module, like yours, doesn’t show presence, but the PHONES themselves know about each other’s presence and clicking reconfigure DOES work.

Ok, so this isn’t a config issue on my end, it’s a bug or some other issue with the DIgium Phones module not showing PJSIP phones?

Yep - as far as I can tell

Something still isn’t right here. If I have one extension set up inside my firewall it’s fine and stays connected to the Cloud PBX. As soon as I add a second extension they start randomly becoming unavailable.

Is this a nat issue? I’ve tried with SIP ALG turned on, off, opened all ports on the firewall to accept traffic from the Cloud PBX’s public IP.

Sorry had no idea you were using a cloud PBX. Have no experience of that.

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well that answers that…

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