PJSIP over TLS not working with non-standard port

I’m running FreePBX 14 with Asterisk 13 (fully patched).

This FreePBX appliance is behind a Cisco ASA with the latest OS image.

Here are the setups that work.

1- SIP over TLS with standard port (5061)
2- SIP over TLS with non-standard port (31967*).
Initially there was an one-way audio issue, but after adding “externtlsport = 31967” under Asterisk Settings ==> Chan SIP Settings ==> Other SIP Settings, it worked wonders.
3- PJSIP over TLS with port 5161.

What does not work, where the endpoint won’t even register:

4- PJSIP over TLS with non-stardard port (31968*).

*Any random port.

Tested with a Sangoma Phone and Bria Mobile for iOS as remote/over the Internet endpoints.

Any thoughts?

Thank you

Did you set up a proper TLS transport for it and then make sure the extension transport setting was either “Auto” or that specific TLS transport?

Hi Tom,

I got it to work (scenario #4) after restarting the FreePBX appliance.

Thank you.

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